The FBS user conferences organized by iRFP since 2007 are enjoying increasing popularity among the large circle of users of our software, which can be seen above all in the growing demand and increasing numbers of participants.

There are many reasons: Over time, the conferences have developed into an effective platform for the exchange of information. Since you as a user of FBS represent a certain industry diversity of the railway system - from infrastructure and transport companies of persons and goods transport via task carriers to consulting, industry and research - despite the specific nature of a forum for software users, there is also the opportunity for informative discussions across the board. The introduction is provided by lectures given by selected speakers who provide current and project-related insights into their work.

The focus is on the use and functionality of FBS, a software that presents itself as the result of the implemented suggestions and experiences of its users under constant product maintenance. That is why we as iRFP are looking for an exchange of ideas in a collegial workshop atmosphere within the framework of the user meetings with you as a representative of daily operational practice, in which FBS must finally prove itself and cordially invite you to participate.

Details about former User Conferences can be found in our archive.