Travel Time Calculation

Similar to the construction of a timetable the travel time calculation is based on infrastructure and vehicle data. The travel time calculation itself is a condition for the creation of the offer of cruises in the graphic timetable, anyway if this should be made in a constructive way. But often there are also applications - e.g. during early phases of the planning process - where only the travel time calculation is in demand and no complete timetable shall arise.

For example by the help of the train diagram in the train window of the FBS graphiy timetable you can make a comparison of the travel times of different vehicle variants or train configurations with few clicks. In the travel time compare the residence times don't play any role, here it's only about driving dynamic relations - that means the technical parameters of the infrastructure (allowed speed, line resistances like inclinations, tunnels and arches) and of the vehicle (mass-performance-ratio, traction, brake settings). FBS lists the sum of travel times just like the driving times between the single location spots on tenth part minutes and shows the movement over the line.

With the help of such calculations essential questions can be answered effective: not always an expensive and long infrastructure measure is needed to solve a connection problem or to reach a radical reduction of travel time. Sometimes it is enough to find a faster or more track powerful vehicle or to make a timetable technological modification, e.g. to use an other platform. Then it is possible to save money and time - but the consition is a precise calculation of travel time like it is done in FBS.