iPLAN- Module Station Timetable

What is the graphic timetable for the train rides on an open track, this is the station timetable for the operation control places. With it's help train rides and track occupations in location spots can be planned and visualized. With the programme functionality station timetable train journeys and track occupations of a location spot can be presented in two ways:

The graphic track occupancy plan

shows the temporal occupancy of the tracks of a location spot similar to a diagramme. Because this view is on the basis of its clarity suggested especially for the planning phase, the direkct working on it is supported - so you can for example move trains on a new track via Drag&Drop or define vehicle transitions between two train rides. For an easier optical allocation of track occupancies to a line or driving relation trains can be highlighted with different colours, font sizes and symbols.

The tabular station timetable

lists all train rides of a location spot in chronological order. In the colums of the table the arrival/departure times, operating days, the used track as well as if necessary relevant vehicle transitions are displayed. This view is adressed predominant to the operating staff, which gets with this an overview of the operational actions which have to be made according to the timetable. The design of the table can be configurated individually by hiding of not needed colums and editing of the colum headlines.