Operational Examination of Level Crossings


purpose and goal

When examining level crossings often the focus lies on answering the question, how far the rail traffic and the resulting closing or waiting times hinder the car traffic and if the resulting queues overload the existing infrastructure. In some cases the situation can be relaxed by means of feedback on planning of the timetable. With regard to this field of action, iRFP offers the preparation of studies and examinations, which may contain for example the following contents:

Extract of an Exemplary Examination

Object of examination

For two technically secured level crossings between the stations Markranstädt and Leipzig-Leutzsch on the DB line 6367 an example examination was made.


This short study examines two level crossings of a different design (EBÜT with full barriers, monitored by signals, position directly at the station Militz and EBÜT with half barrier, remotely monitored) about one km apart two timetable concepts.





A large number of factors influence the calculation: among others the type of the level crossing, the type of its monitoring, the permitted speed, the location in relation to operating points such as stations.


evaluation of timetable variants


To visualize the calculated closing times, it is possible to create directional temporary blocking frames in the FBS timetable for each level crossing. The position of the switch-on points is decisive.

The closing time of the level crossing at km 11,15 e.g. is significantly shorter for the passing ICE than for the slower RB with a stop after passing the switch-on point.


length of vehicle queue

The variant-specific build-up and breakdown of the car queue before the level crossing depending on the different closing times (each over a clock period of 60 min) can be compared in a diagram.



All shown points are part of a study made by iRFP. You can download the full study here.

Download study (only in German) 


If you are interested, we are pleased to offer you examinations for technically secured level crossings according to the example presented here. Please contact us!