User conferences 2009

by iRFP Support

The dialogue with our customers is to be continued in 2009 with the following user conferences:

With iPLAN, a reorganization of the FBS program family precedes the advantages of networkwide timetable creations. To the FBS user conference Timetable Planning In The Network on 24./25. In April 2009, the first experiences with the version presented at InnoTrans 2008 will be discussed and conclusions drawn for the work of FBS customers from summer 2009. The event will also serve as an introduction to new or modified FBS operations through the use of iPLAN.

The work with FBS in the predominant application area of our users is in the focus of the user conference Passenger Traffic on 25./26. September 2009. SPNV competitions, the planning of a new vehicle concept in long-distance traffic or the order of train pathes to the annual timetable call for the planner and his creation tool FBS daily. Thus, the timetable must be designed in a timely manner and be coordinated with customers and partners, daily changes must be included and data transferred to personnel positions or billing. Solutions to this with FBS and practical experience should enrich this meeting.

In some days the propgramme for the user conferences 2009 will be published. Here already some information about places and times:

User Conference Timetable Planning In The Network on the 24./25.April 2009 in Leipzig

  • Start ITF on 23. April 2009 in the Gosenschänke
  • User conference on  24. April 2009 in BFW Leipzig (Georg-Schumann-Straße 148, 04159 Leipzig)
  • Professional excoursion on 25. April 2009 with the Itino of the Erfurter Bahn, end about 16.00 in Erfurt Main station

User conference Passenger Traffic on 25./26. September 2009 in Dresden

  • Start ITF on 24. September 2009
  • User conference on 25. September 2009 in Dresden
  • Professional excoursion on 26. September 2009 with the Regioshuttle of the ODEG,end about 16.00 in Dresden-Neustadt

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