Programming of the FBS-TPN-Interface Version 4.0 to the web portal DB Netz has begun

by iRFP Support

The positive response of the FBS users to the design of the FBS-TPN interface version 4 has prompted iRFP to begin the development and initial internal tests on the TPN program in summer 2016.

For this purpose, a new user interface is developed by iRFP, which allows improved operation and presentation in line with current office software. Likewise, a conversion is implemented to the new data structures, e.g. which allows a change of the operation day in the train run by combining several driving days into one order.

If there is no announced*1 interface version 4.0 of the DB Netz for the 2019 annual timetable in spring 2018, there will be a version of the new FBS-TPN interface 4, which still outputs the previous data format*2. The FBS user should be able to make the transition to the new structures according to TAF / TAP TSI possible without complicated modifications. The advantages of the new user interface should be passed on to the users as soon as possible, independent of the TAF / TAP-TSI data model. This is to avoid too long a backlog of innovations by retaining updates, without a parallel further development of the previous interface being possible.

The currently used FBS-TPN interface is not set by iRFP. It is anticipated that updates will still be available until the middle of 2018, if errors occur. We also support our customers in using this interface. However, a further development of the existing FBS-TPN interface (versions 1-3) or a parallel development to the new FBS-TPN interface no longer takes place.

Unfortunately at the present time we have no binding and reliable version plannings on the part of DB Netz. If, on the other hand, DB intermediary versions (e.g. further developments of the previous data model of the TPN interface before the introduction of TAF / TAP TSI by DB Netz AG) should be set productively which can not be trivially neglected for our customer group (e.g. dangerous goods labels or ETCS- Version identifiers), iRFP will, if possible, implement these via pre-versions of the FBS-TPN interface 4. Customers who have ordered the FBS-TPN interface 4 will then receive a pre-release version that will export or accept the intermediate format. An adaptation of the old FBS-TPN interface 3 to possible intermediate formats is currently no longer planned. This applies, inter alia, to the announced new data fields of the DB-TPN version 2.6.6*3 for the new track pricing system of the DB Netz, announced to the timetable 2018, as long as no interdependent regulations are found with the DB Netz.

IRFP will advise the necessary adaptations and extensions at the interface necessary for the day-to-day railway operation, and prepare carefully the tuning and tests with DB Netz. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information. We would be glad to inform you about at our further user conferences. For further information please contact our office Dresden.


*1: Document "Documentation of the interface of the order portal of DB Netz for EVU-systems, valid from February 2017, version 4.0.0" of the DB Netz AG, sent to iRFP with message from 24.03.2015

*2: Previously operated V2.6.5: "Documentation of the interface TPN EVU" of the DB Netz AG dated 15.11.2013, version 2.6.5, "Valid from 17.08.2014 TPN version 8.5.5.", Sent to iRFP with message from 14.02. 2014

*3:Announcement of the future V2.6.6 "Addition of new attributes for the route price calculation", not yet in operation: "Documentation of the interface TPN EVU" of DB Netz AG from 05.08.2015, versions 2.6.6 and 3.0.3, "Valid from 21.02. 2016 TPN version 8.7.0 ", sent to iRFP with message dated 11.05.2015.

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