Preview and information about the new FBS program iPLAN

by iRFP Support

With iPLAN, you can simplify timetable construction over several routes. A train that changes the line several times can be inserted or moved in one operation. In iPLAN, you can create a graphic timetable in the net "dynamically" according to your wishes.

im Netz einen Bildfahrplan nach Ihren Wünschen "dynamisch" zusammenstellen. This makes it easy to adjust the graphic timetables for train runs. This enables a quick overview of the situation at which points bottlenecks develop or where constraints to other trains occur. The insertion of trains via connecting curves or short sections of tracks is considerably facilitated.

This fundamental change in the linking results in the storage of infrastructure and train data from a second configuration step to separate databases. Accordingly, independent programs will also be used to map the infrastructure (infrastructure database iFRANK) and to insert and edit trains (timetable construction program iPLAN), which are essentially comparable to the previous program components of FBS. Previous users of the FBS programs FPL, BFO and NETZ therefore do not have to adjust significantly.

After delivery of the first version of iPLAN, probably in June 2009, there will also be updates for the FPL and NETZ programs for a transitional period. In any case, as before, we ensure downward compatibility so that you can generate iPLAN compatible files from your existing FPL and NET files at any time without any loss of data. In the transition time to iPLAN it will also be possible to generate the previous FPL files from iPLAN. A changeover is therefore possible without problems.

The basis for iPLAN is the previous FBS program NET. Thus, as hereinabove, e.g. already customer's timetables could be generated by "clicking" the run in the map, this is now also possible for graphic timetables. Such graphic timetables can be permanently or even only temporarily, e.g. only in order to completely process a certain train run. All functionalities known from FPL, e.g. the travel time calculation and the route search function work in the iPLAN picture timetables throughout the entire route.

For the changeover from the previous FBS versions to iPLAN there will be individual upgrade offers for customers with a valid maintenance contract, which also take into account the duration of the maintenance contract. We will be presenting the offers at the user meeting in April 2009.

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