New iPLAN module BFO

by iRFP Support

From summer 2013, the new BFO is available: unlike the previous BFO program, this module is now integrated into iPLAN. The last FBS timetable document is now created at this central location and is directly available as an FBS object with the train station assignments (DB network name: timetable for train control stations). This results in an uncomplicated comparison with the graphic timetables as well as view and print functions as in all other FBS timetable documents (freely selectable sheet format, PDF generation).

In addition to a series of simplifications, an arbitrary number of departments are now possible in a train station arrangement and any number of operation day differences in tracks and transitions. They are thus easier cases to create / display where a different track is used, if a train crossing takes place only on workdays and the train runs Monday to Friday on track 1 and at the weekend on track 2. Trains which begin / end on some days of traffic, continue on others do not have to be divided into two trains. It is also possible to change trains of a train within the train station rules (for example, other days on arrival than on departure - arrival Mo-Sa, departure Mo-Fr).

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