Infrastructure data import from the Open Data Portal of Deutsche Bahn

by iRFP Support

Deutsche Bahn AG has electronically published selected infrastructure data on its Internet sites within an Open-Data-Portal under an open license, and has announced that it intends to expand this service on an ongoing basis.

In a first step, we offer you the station data in combination with minimum transfer times in your FBS network. The following data can be integrated into your FBS network:

  • Number and name of the platforms
  • Height and height of the platform (nettle length)
  • Marking of platform leveling transition possibilities (source: Open-Data-Portal of the Deutsche Bahn)
  • Minimum crossing times (platform leveling / non-platform leveling) (Source: Planning parameters 2016 year of DB Netz)

If you are interested, please contact us via e-mail or telephone at our Dresden office.

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