FBS-Update June 2015

by iRFP Support

The FBS issue June 2015 was released today forclients with a valid FBS maintenance contract. The following functions are included in the update:

  • iPLAN/circulation plan: Shunting movements between railway stations or station parts without a graphic timetable
  • iPLAN/graphic timetable: Function "Adapt the train runs to the blocking frame" can also be used without a defined operation day
  • iPLAN/graphic timetable: No unresolved resolution of the standard operation day areas when saving anymore
  • iPLAN/circulation plan: Table "Unallocated Rides" sorteable in the solution requirements window
  • iPLAN/circulation plan: Empty run selection improved with mouse
  • iPLAN/railML-import: Revision of the train information input, inter alia. explicit input of load and length
  • iPLAN/railML-import: Engines are optionally transferred to the FBS network
  • iPLAN/railML-import: Improved display of infrastructure inconsistencies
  • Compatibility with the interface program FBS-Fplo import (test phase)

The extended program version is only available for download via the integrated update function.

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