FBS-Update June 2008

by iRFP Support

The FBS issue June 2008 was released for FBS maintenance contract clients. If no special conditions prevail against the shipment, our customers will automatically receive the updates by post on or after June 27, 2008.

The following functions are included in the update:

  • FPL: Display possibility for rail replacement services or other parallel traffic excluding conflict analysis
  • FPL: Representation of train part lines (multiple traction, circulations)
  • FPL:Extended consideration of the braking characteristics of the vehicles and the calculation of braking-related slow-speed points
  • FPL: Display of the regular and special traffic days with symbols, loupe presentation
  • FPL: Enhanced operating characteristics (including line changes, end stops)
  • WGV: New program wagon directory introduced
  • NETZ (circulation plan): Graphic representation of forced transitions
  • NETZ (circulation plan): Feed back the circulation days into the graphic timetable possible
  • NETZ (circulation plan): Representation of multiple tractions and position of the vehicle in the train group

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