FBS-Update July 2013

by iRFP Support

For FBS maintenance contract cients today the FBS issue July 2013 was released.

The following functions are included in the update:

  • iPLAN/graphic tiometable: Parallel printing now also possible in the iPLAN
  • iPLAN/graphic timetable: Change when selecting trains
  • iPLAN/customer's timetable: Changes in operation days, font sizes, and train run lines
  • iPLAN/circulation plan: Travels between circulation plans easier to swap
  • iPLAN/circulation plan: Tunring lists and transition plans added
  • iPLAN/station timetable: Complete revision and as a net object
  • iPLAN/general: Updating of timetable periods
  • iPLAN/general: New special characters for customer information
  • Path portal interface: Process several trains

Our customers receive the updates automatically by post.

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