FBS-Update January 2016

by iRFP Support

For FBS maintenance contract clients the FBS issue January 2016 was released today. The yearly update contains a lot of new features, of which we can give you a short extract:

  • iPLAN/graphic timetable: Copying trains with traffic day division
  • iPLAN/graphic timetable: Current train is highlighted in yellow and has a magnetic effect
  • iPLAN/graphic timetable: The trains selected with the multiple selection are highlighted in green
  • iPLAN/graphic timetable: Conflicting moves are highlighted by selection in the conflict window
  • iPLAN/graphic timetable: Improved editing of block frames, minor changes and clarifications
  • iPLAN/graphic timetable: Evaluation of stays extended (line names, holdings, maximum limit)
  • iPLAN/graphic timetable: Increase of the drawing speed for complex timetables
  • iPLAN/station timetable: Smaller adjustments like zoom function, display of head and walking paths, etc.
  • iPLAN/circulation plan: Inside and extended weekday group defined and expanded display
  • iPLAN/circulation plan: Day display extended when assigning / dragging forced transfers
  • iPLAN: Fplo converter as a new import interface to DB network data available
  • iPLAN/railML-import: Support of railML version 2.2 and compressed railML files (* .railmlx)
  • iPLAN/railML-import: Unambiguous railML runs are displayed in detail in graphical form
  • iPLAN/railML-import: Importing of traffic times possible
  • iPLAN/railML-import: Calculation of load, length and maximum speed as well as brake settings
  • Improved image quality in PDF output

The extended program version is available for download via the integrated update function. Unless special conditions are not met, our customers will automatically receive the updates by post to the last known address.

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