FBS-Update December 2014

by iRFP Support

The FBS edition December 2014 was released today for FBS maintenance contract clients. The extended program version is available for download via the integrated update function. If no special conditions prevail against the shipment, our customers receive the updates automatically by post.

The following functions are included in the update:

  • iPLAN/graphic timetable: Simplifying of editing of the train formation (wagon sequence, turning train, re-sorting of train parts simplified)
  • iPLAN/graphic timetable: Date of change of trains is indicated
  • iPLAN/Bgraphic timetable:Copy of trains expanded in the clock
  • iPLAN/driver's timetable: Overview of driver's timetables created (Which trains can use a clock-driver's timetable? Which driver's timetables must still be created?)
  • iPLAN/station timetable: New assistant and many extensions
  • iPLAN/general: Rounding rules expanded by one-quarter of a tenth (departure times to the tenths 0 to x are assigned to the previous minute)
  • iPLAN/general: Customer-designed fields introduced for detailed statistical evaluation

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