FBS-Fplo converter for importing XML files of DB Netz construction

by iRFP Support

IRFP has developed a converter for the import of Fplo information for under-year construction measures, which enables FBS users to deal with these frequently used operational information more efficiently and with less manual effort.

In addition to a quick overview of the Fplo contents transmitted by DB Netz, the FBS-Fplo converter avoids a fault-prone, manual data transfer and provides a useful supplement to the FBS-TPN interface as long as this data is not contained standardized in the order process of the DB network  path portal. The following functions are available:

  • Display of the contents of FPLO, ZvF and transfer sheet from the "standardized XML data sets in construction management" of DB Netz
  • Transferring and matching the following Fplo content into the FBS network:
    • Inserting locking frames
    • Laying / failure of trains (partial or complete)
    • Allocation of deviating train paths, provided the run does not change
    • Inserting replacement trains in original route or with a new timetable
    • Inserting additional services
  • Comparison with comparison of differences between FBS-Ntz and the above-mentioned Fplo content (even if these were entered manually)

If you are interested, please contact via e-mail or telephone our Dresden office.

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