Discontinuation of the programmes FPL and NETZ

by iRFP Support

Since June 2009, our customers have been able to use the network-wide timetable construction with iPLAN. The majority of our customers have been convinced by the advantages of the new FBS program and have switched to iPLAN.

As announced in September 2008, we will end the maintenance and further development of the previous programmes FPL and Netz with the FBS update summer 2013. The FBS version, which will then appear, will be the last to support this programme concept. Thus, the completely newly developed BFO module will be offered exclusively in iPLAN.

If you still use FPL and NETZ, you can still use these programmes. However, we advise you to switch to iPLAN to benefit from the continuous development of FBS. You can now use your current work results seamlessly in iPLAN and the conversion effort is low. If you are interested, please contact the Dresden office for a change to iPLAN.

We would kindly ask you to make any adjustments in the FPL and NETZ programs by the end of April 2013, so that we can check them in time for implementation in the FBS Update Summer 2013.

For users of the FBS program iPLAN, the end of FPL and NETZ will not change anything - you can continue to work as usual, as well as use innovations and adaptations.

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