FBS-Update December 2021

by iRFP Support

For FBS maintenance contract customers, the FBS December 2021 issue was released today. The annual update again contains a large number of innovations, of which we can only list a short excerpt here:

Graphic Timetable, Station Tracks

  • Revision of the station track allocation rules and the station track characteristics (validity for runs from/on standard/general track). For the extensive details, please refer to the news sheet linked below (PDF).
  • Station tracks (routes) that are not usable for the direction or (normal/counter) track of a train are not offered in the route selection (are grayed out). Accordingly, there is a new conflict type "Station track is not usable" if such a route is assigned anyway (happens either when the track usage is changed subsequently or when the route characteristics are changed subsequently).
  • If no standard route is assigned to a train and no standard route can be found for it, a "no usable route" conflict is displayed.


Graphic Timetable, Window "Show arrival/departure times"

  • In "Define surcharge" you can specify the arrival/passage time at the end of the marked section as an alternative to the surcharge, and the surcharge will be formed from the difference.
  • The settings of "Show operating points" and the switchable menu items are persistently stored in the registry.


Graphic Timetable, Train Data

  • When assigning battery traction units, the property "No energy reference (only battery) in this route section" is set if something is not electrified in the route section. This property is cleared when a non-battery traction unit is assigned.


Drivers Timetable

  • Occasional to the release of the 2021 version of the FV-NE (valid from 12.12.2021) we have changed the abbreviations for train running messages in the FBS picture timetable ("D, FV-NE, Abbrev.") and in FBS book timetables (general FV-NE formats).
  • The DB and other drivers timetable formats were not changed.
  • For FV-NE drivers timetable formats that are explicitly marked for a railroad company, the change depends on the individual case. If you use such a format, please check if it is affected by the changes or contact us.



  • When printing a circulation plan that has an inner weekday group, it is possible to print a common sheet for the whole inner weekday group. This is then labeled, for example, Mon-Fri or Tue-Thu. The remaining days can be printed at the same time individually as usual.

An Overwiev on all news ca be found here.

The extended program version is available for loading via the integrated update function. Our customers receive the updates automatically by mail to the last known address.

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