FBS-Update January 2024

by iRFP Administrator

The January 2024 issue of FBS was released today for FBS maintenance contract customers. The annual update again contains a large number of new features, of which we can only give you a brief excerpt here:


  • When zooming into the networks route map, the system no longer necessarily zooms in on the current junction. If the mouse position is within the visible area of the map (i.e. when zooming with the mouse wheel), the mouse position is fixed for the zoom.
  • In the route selection window ("Please enter the desired route"), which appears when clicking on an incomplete route in the network map (create image or customers timetable), the route number from the classification is now displayed instead of the internal route number, if one is defined there.


Train Data, Revision of Calendar Window:

  • The window can now be resized so that more than 5 months can be visible at the same time - even in multiple lines if necessary.
  • A major new feature is the "Existing traffic day regulations" tab page, which can be used to copy regulations from other occurrences (trains, train sections, etc.) and thus save the repeated entry of complex regulations. There you can also assign names to the traffic day regulations (right mouse button on a line), which can be used later to search or filter for example.
  • As a click on the Reset button previously only deleted the special traffic days - not any regular traffic days - a double-click now deletes all traffic days, including regular ones.
  • There are now also the buttons Previous day and Next day as before in the "Moon window". They move the current traffic day regulation one day forwards/backwards, as was previously the case, usually with a carry-over from the first to the last day, so that daily remains daily.


Train Data, Adjust/Delete Surcharges After Assigning a New Train Category:

  • If at least one surcharge rule applies to the new class after a class has been changed, all previous surcharges are deleted and the new ones are applied. Otherwise, the previous surcharges remain unchanged.


Network Analyses

  • New introduction of the " Report" window -- "Conflicts overview" for an overview of conflicts on all routes
  • Under " Train evaluation" à tab page "Trains" there are also the optional columns "Lines" and "Vehicles". The columns from "Levels" onwards can be shown/hidden by right-clicking on a column header.


Infrastructure Data

Completion of the map window view of maps in FBS: Here too, a "scroller" is displayed for the current mouse position along the track axis and its kilometerage is labeled below in relative and absolute terms. Several infrastructure information from FBS can be selected as map content ("overlays") via the "Overlay button" at the top right of the map.


Graphic Timetable

  • In addition to the field for the active level, there is now also a field in the status bar of graphic timetables in which a possible restriction of the view to train groups is displayed.
  • When restricting the trains visible in the graphic timetable to one track, it was previously also possible to select the non-visible trains of the other track. Now, trains that are not visible can no longer be selected.


Customer's Timetable

  • In order to avoid having to create a separate column in the customer's timetable for each train in strictly timed timetables, there is the option of a cycle display.
  • Adjustments for customer's timetables with traffic day division, including adjustable traffic day texts (above the table) and adjustable inverse background color
  • For trains that run in the early morning but should still be displayed at the end of the table, there is the option (right mouse button) "Move train(s) to the end of the table" under "Edit table". The option is only visible if one or more whole trains are selected (whole column inverse).


Station Timetable

  • Alternative list view in the main window: Each assignment of the station timetable is displayed in a separate line of the table. The previous view contained one row per train
  • Additional list view for all vehicle transfers
  • When comparing the station timetable, only train parts that are to be included in the timetables according to the train part data are taken into account.


You can find a summary of all the new features at http://www.en.irfp.de/new_features_2024_01.html

The updated program version is available for download via the integrated update function. Our customers also receive the updates by mail to the last known address.

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