FBS interface to the new train path portal of the infrastructure manager DB Netz


DB Netz AG has informed both the train operating companies (TOC) of Germany (customer information KW 42/2014) and iRFP as the creator of the FBS path portal interface program in October 2014 that the timetable year 2018 (EIBV track order period from March to April 2017) a completely new version of the path portal interface from DB Netz is to be put into operation. More detailed information on the planned changes to exchange formats, processes for route ordering and commissioning procedures are not yet available, as is a timetable for obtaining this information. In our experience, the implementation of a complex interface requires a lead time of approximately 24 months from the announcement of the final interface documentation. Should we have received further information from DB Netz, we will of course inform you at the user conferences. If you have further questions, please contact your DBU customer service representative.

In July, DB Netz informed about a shift of one year or to the 2020 timetable (customer information KW 31/2015).

We will be pleased to provide you with information about availability and prices of the new FBS-Portal-Portal-Interface-Program at our user conferences or individually.

FBS-Update December 2014


The FBS edition December 2014 was released today for FBS maintenance contract clients. The extended program version is available for download via the integrated update function. If no special conditions prevail against the shipment, our customers receive the updates automatically by post.

The following functions are included in the update:...

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