To use FBS, the purchase of licences is nessesary. The range of functions, application areas and further terms depend on the kind of licence. Our general terms and conditions (AVRB) apply.

Learn more about the different FBS licence features and request an individual offer. FBS has a wide circle of customers - in every case we look forward to meeting your requirement for using our successful software.

FBS is available in three different licences:


FBSbahn is particularly directed to the interest of transport companies, railway infrastructure enterprises and companies that are predominantly occupied with planning and ordering services in local public transport.

FBSbahn is available as a basic package for a minimum 3 workstations as well as for greater number of workstations (at a quanty discount). The scope of services of the package depends on the extent of tasks and on customer's preferences. For your specific request we gladly provide an individual offer. Please contact us at our office in Dresden.

Supply conditions, shipping charges, oder: The delivery occurs exclusively on basis of our general terms and conditions. If desired, our general terms and conditions will be sent to you directly.


FBSFuL is intended for universities and schools for the purpose of research and teaching. For the regular use of FBS for non direct tasks of research and teaching (e.g. within in the context of third party fund projects) FBSbahn will be the right choice.

Giving consideration to the financial framework conditions at universities, we comply with an adapted maintenance contract, which contains the same services as the FBSbahn maintenance contract.
If you are interested in FBSFuL, please contact us. We gladly create an individual offer.

Supply conditions & shipping charges: The delivery occurs exclusively on basis of our general terms and conditions. If desired, our general terms and conditions will be sent to you directly.


The licence is intended for private persons and only for non commercial use. Its delivery package contains an installation program, a user manual and also selected sample data and enginge data of Central European engines. Because FBSprivat is designed for railway fans, the mainpart are older engines (meaning engines developed before the rail reform, changes and extensions of the portfolio aren't included) and historical route data. For the construction and illustration of timetables there are no restrictions as to the fundamentally more expensive version FBSbahn. Illustration and print of driver's working and customer's timetables in the modul NETZ is only possible in historical output formats. Also the only in commercial use required program components (e.g. the functions calculation of train-kilometres and valuation of timetables) are not included in delivery.

Commercial use, independent of the payment of a fee, is not permitted and leads to changing your FBSprivat licence in a FBSbahn version and subsequent recovery of the according list price.

Please note: The order of FBSprivat is only possible on