iPLAN- Module Graphic Timetable

In FBS the trains created in the graphic timetable provide the baseline data for the creation of documents building on these within the other iPLAN modules.

The module graphic timetable calculates the travel time of the required train based on the infrastructure and vehicle data (driving dynamic parameters, brake adjustments) as well as on addidtional inputs (stops, supplements) and it is presented gaphical on a path-time line. The graphic timetable can be printed immediately - optional also in part. The size of the information included in the print is controllable.

The iPLAN graphic timetable commands a  train sequence detection and reports potential driving positions - as well as their conflicts. The train line can be switched by the graphical interface at any time with the mouse. Thereby iPLAN always checks, if the desired position of the train is possible for each day of the timetable period.

Modern technologies like linking and separating or the strengthening or weakening of trains can be simply modeled by the train section philosophy of FBS. Besides the graphic timetable offers a range of special and halp functions, which relieve the designer of the timetable effective. They can only be mentioned here in extracts, e.g.:


For the travel time calculation in the graphic timetable following infrastructure data are used after input or import next to the engine data included in the programme package:

  • position and sort of the location spots (kilometer mileage of the line)
  • station and line tracks
  • allowed speed on line and station tracks
  • as possible: inclination ratios between location spots or altitude indications 
  • if applicable: user arrangements for line and station tracks
  • if applicable: arches and tunnels

To apply the modern findings of the driving dynamics in iPLAN, the technical data of the engines need to be known. A wide database of many European producers and engines belongs to the scope of supply of FBS, the data can be also edited if required.