Explore the Numerous Functions of FBS!

With FBS you command a programme package, whichs modules, additional programmes and interfaces offer you as the user an impressive wide range of functionality. Because the real world of planning, preparation and implementation of railway operation in all it's segments (passenger and freight transport, long-distance traffic and local traffic), trades (infrastructure, rolling stock, administration) and implementation steps (long-term concept or operative daily operation) is complex and multilayerd a good software with the task to model this reality needs to be measured by how far it shows the essential connections and mechanisms of action, but still stays negotiable for the user. We can say, FBS meets these requirements.

With it's structure and functionality (towards a parallel provision of different, indepent special applications) FBS has the advantage, that it's modules are built on top of and integrated with each other as well as they save the user by integrated data repository from redundancy and an error-prone manual additional expense.

Although the FBS package covers with it's programme philosophy the world of railway operation in a wide range, the requirement on professional expert software is also fulfilled in the specialised depth of the detail. In the following we introduce you more detailed to selected functionalities and substantial characteristics of single programme components of the FBS package. By constant product care and the close cooperation with our customers improved and extended application possibilities steady come along. In our FBS module list you will find an overview of the modules as well as functions and interfaces in scope of delivery.

Graphic Timetable

Driver's Timetable

Customer's Timetable

Circulation Plan

Interval Graphic

Arrival and Departure Posters

Station Timetable

List of Vehicles