Entry of FBS vehicle data

You can find the in FBS standardly containedvehicle data on a separate page in a tabular form. To take in own vehicle data over iRFP in the vehicle data base, we established an opportunity to capture the vehicle data in standardized form. Locomotives, engines as well as wagons can be captured. So you as a user you have a consistent interface to the system FBS available. Thereby the entry interface allows not only the indication of timetable relevant variables, but also traffic-oriented needed data like e.g. the number of seats or the allowed load dimension. The interface supports your work with checking all entered data in regard to plausibility and points out to potential inconsistencies. The entered data are sent to iRFP via e-mail after the conclusion of the capture. Then we incorporate these data in the FBS engine programme and send you an actualized verion of the FBS engine data base for your usage.

To enter the data there are two possibilities:

1. capture of the vehicle data over an internet formular:
The capture of the data happens online and completely inside of your browser, you don't need to download any software on your computer. After conclusion of the capture in the formular the data are send directly to iRFP. Go to the internet formular here.
2. capture of the vehicle data over a computer programme:
If you do not have a permanent internet connection or if you need some very special entering possibilities for your vehicles, you can use the programme "vehicle data". After accepting our general terms and conditions this can be loaded down on your local computer. It is executable immediately, a special installation is not necessary. The programme offers extended entering possibilities, which exceed the amount of the web-interface, for example:
    • arbitrary number of brake positions with additional attributes
    • definition of several traction powers per vehicle (allows the simple modelling of multiple system or hybrid vehicles)
    • graphical presentation of the entered traction powers
    • additional attributes in the sector "technical equipment" and "traffic data"
    • storage of the entered data local on your computer
After conclusion of the capture the caprturing programme generates an e-mail out of the entered data in your local mailing programme, which can be send to iRFP. Also you have the possibility to save the data.

Download of the computer programme

The usage of that service is free for clients with a valid maintenance contract. In the case that parts of the required vehicle data aren't available or if you have questions regarding to the usage of the entering formular or the entering programme, please contact us.