iPLAN- Module Driver's Timetable

The timetable is created, vehicles and lines are ready for use and the passengers are informed. For the start of operation now the intern documents are missing - the driver's working timetables for the locomotive and train crew.

With iPLAN driver's working timetables can becreated and printed in various layouts, following output formats are supported at the moment:

  • Germany, DR: standard format, branch line/VND
  • Germany, DB Netz: travel time booklet, speed booklet, closed representation/SbF (also 2 trains), train control operations,signalized train control operations
  • Germany, FV NE: train announcing operations, train control operations, signalized train control operations, SWEG, HzL
  • Austria: Stern & Hafferl, ÖBB Infra (NÖVOG)
  • Greece: OΣE Mainline, OΣE Branch line

Further layouts, country-specific adaptions or direct electronic displays can be configurated upon customer's request.

Quickly to the new driver's working timetable

With FBS a new driver's timetable is made quickly: it can be set up - as well as the other modules - in the iPLAN main window by selecting one (or several) train numbers of the trains available in the network and deciding, if the whole itinerary or a presentation in sections (in each case also over several lines) are to be exhibited. An additional option allows the recording of clocked offers. Possible crossways and overtakings as well as the driving sequence are detected and marked autonomously by the programme.

Manual reworking as well as ranging in additional information or footnotes (note of Waiting for connections or of special operation conditions) are possible and uncomplicated. This leads to an adjustment to all imaginable operation conditions - the flexibility remains guarded. A wide range of configuration options and possibilities for the design in detail are available.

If the graphic timetable needs to be aligned by operational or traffic-oriented reasons further tracks need to be inserted ad-hoc, the reconciliation function assumes the new or changed times so the driver's working timetable can be transmitted after few minutes via fax or as a PDF to the driving personnel.

So in the twinkling of an eye a completed driver's timetable arises, the print with customary printers is unproblematic - special functions ensure for example an easy issue of complete service timetable books in only one process.

Keep the overview

Because in the operative business driver's working timetables have to be hold out for a multitude of trains and intervals and the consultant needs to know, if and what still is to do, iPLAN helps him to keep the overview: In the list of objects, where the driver's timetables are put down, you can call up an overview display via context menu. There the allocation of the single trains and intervals to the respective driver's working timetables can be recognized quickly and eventually still outstanding kepts can be completed. Possible inconsistencies of the data can be neutralized via comparison.

Also in the above mentioned context menu there is a serial printing function for driver's working timetables as well as a configurable text file with summarising content for an easier administration of the created internal documents.