iPLAN- Module Customer's Timetable

With iPLAN customer's timetables can be created in any desired way. Thereby the layout types lead type and photosetting are available. You can fall back on nearly the complete symbol palette of the timetable and the programme automatically assignes for example the usual symbols for operating days.

The customer's timetables are compiled with the help of an assistant over one ore several tracks of the iPLAN network. The first step is always the indication of relation and itinerary of the table. The user-friendly basic concept of FBS appears here again, as this process can be realized purely graphic with the mouse on the surface of the network presentation built out of the single lines in the main window. Also branch lines can be accomodated furthermore and arranged lucidly.


Using design possibilities

With iPLAN the user is flexible in the presentation of timetables, as manual additions, reformattings and design options according to individual requests are available at every time after the uncomplicated generation of the document. Stilistic changes in regard to form and colour, which facilitate the usage of the document by the end customer are possible as well es additional texts and hints. The timetable can be edited similar to the calculation application on the backdrop of single lines.

A wide palette of filter functions allows the the effective selection of subsets of the offer of cruises on the appropriate tracks. So for example interval graphics or timetables for only single types of trains or products of certain Train Operating Companies can be created. Lead and follow-up times permit the addition of start and destination station for trains, of which their itinerary in the table cannot be recorded completely or which break in or out of the iPLAN network.

Communicate timetable data transparently

The shown arrival and departure times can be synchronized in the course of the integrated data storage at driving position or operating days changes of the train without great effort.

With the integrated calendar function, which also finds use in other iPLAN modules, a reduction of the presentation to scopes like e.g. seasonal timetables or operating days groups can take place. With a special finction the symbols and legend entries for the various operating days regulations can be administrated universally.

The print of the finished timetables is possible on nearly every printer and so keeps the costs bay also for flexible passenger information at changes of timetables (e.g. leaflets). The timetables can be exported furthermore as graphics file (e.g. for the design of web pages) or as PDF/Postscript file for the exposure in printing companies. The programme builts moreover a general and table-related legend, the individual design can be made with an integrated text editor. Points as reading aids are configurable in photosetting and lead type.