Competitive Tendering Procedures

Phase of preparation of the procedure through the regional authority

The competitive tendering procedures have to be prepared meticulous in a thorough planning process. We as engineering office command a long-standing experience in regard to the gaol-oriented consulting of all aspects, which makes up the operational part of such a procedure. Our varied references are a clear sign therefore. We also advise you, if there are needed suitable preliminary studies before the proper approach to the competition procedure, to play through possible scenarios for a better orientation.

From the analysis of the current state over the development of integrated operating variants, whereby also vehicle and infrastructure measures can be lighted, up to completely elaborated and evaluated operating concepts including an examplary circulation planning and if necessary with putting into service stages or contingent items, we work with our customer every step of the way. Of course the viability of a concept to be tendered needs not only to be given through the fact, that there are no conflicts of the paths on the line, but also the track availability will play a role in junction stations next to the question of the connection and transition positions. For sure next to the timetable planning analysis also the determining of the statistic quantity structure as basis of subvention dimensioning is contained. Documents as e.g. the customer's timetable are providioned in a form, that makes them to a direct part of the tender documents. When a precertification of the concepts through the infrastructure manager is necessary, we contribute close and solution-oriented. Because we use our proven software FBS for the processing, we can offer also all results in an electronic way on request. Also in the phase of the implementation of the procedure our consulting services are in demand, among others when bidder requests have to be answered or offers shall be evaluated.

Phase of the participation at the procedure through transport companies

When the competitive tendering procedure within passenger transport enteres the "hot phase" and the clock is ticking, the transport companies have moslty a duty to plan an own operating concept. Suitable vehicles have to be found, which meet the driving dynamic and operational requirements, the provisions of the model timetable and the minimum capacities need to be abserved as well as the usable platform lengths. Finally a circulation plan is needed, because the vehicle requirement is a significant cost factor and when empty and corrective drives are determined, path kilometres as well as the mileage can be calculated exactly. Are the parking capacities of the turning stations compatible with the vahicle concept or comes an indention into the depot in question? Is there still enough time for the workshop stays? Is it usefule, to take down engines on the way or should they better go with? For how many stops there arise station prices in the reference year? These and many other questions have to be answered by the bidders, when they want to present a competitive offer, which satisfies the operation-technical conditions and at the same time causes the smalles possible effort.

Sometimes is deals about functional tenderings, where only one minimum condition is required and the bidder can offer on it's own additional runs, which are evaluated positively. Then it is a matter, to dentify pathes in the timetable, which are maybe in the ideal case circulation-oriented and so economical. Finally the operational documents which have to be submitted need to comply also formal all conditions. When everything fits, there is basically nothing to stop the success - the surcharge in the tendering procedure...