iPLAN- Module Arrivals & Departures Poster

With the programme iPLAN arrival and departure posters, with the help of which passengers on site at the stations and halts can catch up on the arrival and departure times of the there running trains, can be created effortless in only one step.

To create arrival and departure posters, the FBS user has to select for which location spot the poster is desired and if it involves the notice for the arrivals or the departures. Precondition of course is also here, that the concerning tracks with the driving positions of the trains are integrated in the respective network over the in FPL processed graphic timetable files. The programme takes the information for the arrival and departure poster out of this data source.

The presentation takes place in the classic way, that means in chronological ordered, line by line consecutive disclosure of the trains. For the management of the contentual amount of the posters to be created the programme iPLAN offers various options: So the train types to be considered can be selected differentiated; for the time indications there are also the rounding rules known from other FBS modules available. Did the trains in the graohic timetable get already the correct use of tracks, this information can be recorded in the arrival and departrure poster, too. For the presentation of the days of run, at which the trains drive, you can choose between the usage of symbols by UIC 411 or the general common shortcuts.

Here iPLAN also enables specifications in regard to the indication of further (departure posters) or previous (arrival posters) stops for the particular trains - this stops can be released selectiv by amount, importance or random selection. Moreover the creation of such timetables isn't limited on stations in the tourist traffic, that means by absorption of further information or for example the including of freight trains you can facilitate also a usage for official business or intern purposes.

Different to the remaining documents and plans created by iPLAN (that means circulation plans, customer's and driver's timetables, interval graphics), the programme doesn't drop the arrival and departure posters in the object list of the iPLAN main window. Instead of this the posters are saved immediate as independent documents in the Rich-Text-Format and then can be opened and edited in a word processing programme. So the opportunities for the conentual and creative processing pursuant to individual ideas and demands of the users (like e.g. usage of another typeface, insertion of company specific logos, including of additional information and remarks) have no limits.

The print on customary printers and plotters upon to the engrossment of large-sized copys can be realized uncomplicated.