FBS: Additional Programs

Besides the integrated planning software iPLAN, the FBS start window gives access to various additional programs, which sometimes are necessary for editing and administrating different data within the FBS world, such as - depending on the purchased range of functions - the usage of special interfaces.

The additional programs are editors (except for the dispatcher) enabling processing and managing the information deposited in data bases concerning location spots, vehicles and the allocation of train numbers.

  • administration of FBS files in the widespread explorer view with FBS specific help functions
  • special possibilities for setting of access and file permissions
Editor for Train Class and Number Directories
  • administration and allocation of train classes and number areas or contingents
  • definition of transport type (tourist or cargo traffic) applicable to the classes
  • standard definition of the train lines' indication within graphic timetable (colour, line type, line width)
  • creation of individual directories (such as files)
Station Directory
  • administration and maintenance of basic station data (among others: abbreviation, indication, type, position)
  • effective search function for detection of single entries
  • creation of individual directories (bsv-files)
Editors for Engine Data and Wagon Directory
  • entry and administration of driving dynamic data for engines as basis of travel time calculation
  • additional and general indications (train management, series, seats)
  • maintenance of data base for passenger train and cargo wagons
  • creation of individual directories (tfz- or wgv-files)