user conferences - archive

Here you can find further information, documents and presentations of our past FBS user conferences. Please consider, that the main part of them is written in German only.

user conferences 2018


21. FBS user conference autumn 2018 (11./12. October 2018, Linz, Austria)

20. FBS user conference spring 2018 (26./27. April 2018, Berlin)

user conferences 2017


19. FBS user conference autumn 2017 (22./23. September 2017, Halle (Saale))

18. FBS user conference spring 2017 (27./28. April 2017, Dresden)

user conferences 2016


17. FBS user conference autumn 2016 (06./07. Oktober 2016, Leipzig)

1. academic FBS user conference "Symposium iPLANum"

Because the FBS user conferences, which take place regularely for users out of the rail industry, are hugely popular, we also want to offer our clients from research and teaching the opportunity to take part there. That's why we offer in 2016 for the first time an academic FBS user conference especially in regard to the use in research and teaching.

It was addresses to teachers, who supervise the use of FBS in the teaching and/or solve sceientific challenges with FBS. The establishments with an FBS-FuL-license should be allowed a participation at cost price.

Keyelements of the symposium iPLANum were among others.:

  • the exchance of experiences of the FBS users of research and teaching among each other and with the developers of FBS
  • latest trends out of the research and insight into the practise
  • mutual transfer of knowledge between academic and practise
  • support of a practice-oriented education with FBS
  • examples of issues - synthesis and differences from theory and practice
    Calculation of travel time in FBS or speed-integration-procedure?
    Which meaning has the Hungarian method for the creation of circulation plans?

The first academic FBS user conference took place in collaboration with the "Staatlichen Fachschule für Bau, Wirtschaft und Verkehr Gotha" on the 08. and 09. September 2016 in Gotha. You can find the programme here.

It contains among others:

  • specialist lecture to the usage of FBS in the research
  • presentation of seminar examinations for FBS by selected institutions
  • discussion, proposals and suggestions to new functions and developments
  • practical test by simulation of an FBS timetable at the railway training station of the FS Gotha
  • professional excoursion mit the Thuringian Forest Line


16. FBS user conference spring 2016 (21./22. April 2016, Chemnitz)

user conferences 2015


15. FBS user conference autumn 2015 (24./25. September 2015, Cologne)


14. FBS user conference spring 2015 focus on train path orders (23./24. April 2015, Leipzig)

user conferences 2014


13. FBS user conference spring 2014 (08./09. Mai 2014, Dresden)

user conferences 2013


12. FBS user conference focus on infrastructure autumn 2013 (10./11. Oktober 2013, Leipzig)

11. FBS user conference focus on interurban railway operation spring 2013 (25./26. April 2013, Karlsruhe)

user conferences 2012


10. FBS user conference spring 2012 (10./11. May 2012, Erfurt)

user conferences 2011


09. FBS user conference focus on passenger transport autumn 2011 (07./08. Oktober 2011, Leipzig)

08. FBS user conference focus on iPLAN spring 2011 (06./07. May 2011, Berlin)

user conferences 2010


07. FBS user conference spring 2010 (30./31. May 2010, Dresden)

  • Projects for a better accessibility of the airport Munich, Frank Kutzner, Bayerisches Staatsministerium für Wirtschaft, Infrastruktur, Verkehr und Technologie Munich
  • Experiences out of the usage of FBS in France, Pierre Debano, iRFP ParisFR
  • RBL VABnet at the ODEG: data transfer via RailML®2.0-interface, Christian Schreiter, Verkehrsautomatisierung Berlin
  • The new Desiro ML in the practice on the Mittelrheinbahn, Torsten Neuhaus, Siemens Industries Mobility Erlangen
  • Middle switches  - technical or operational problem?, Eric Schöne, Technische Universität Dresden
  • Calculation of the energy demand in FBS - new developments, Dirk Bräuer, iRFP Leipzig
  • FBS new & developments / trainings in autumn 2010, Dirk Bräuer, iRFP Leipzig
user conferences 2009


06. FBS user conference focus on passenger transport autumn 2009 (25./26. September 2009)

05. FBS user conference focus on iPLAN spring 2009 (24./25. April 2009)

user conferences 2008


04. FBS-user conference spring 2008 (30./31. May 2008)

user conference 2007


03. FBS user conference focus on daily business autumn 2007 (21./22. September 2007)

02. FBS user conference focus on infrastructure summer 2007 (22./23. June 2007)

01. FBS user conference focus on SPNV tenders spring 2007 (23./24. March 2007)

  • The update of the Bavaria clocked phases in competition, Andreas Schulz, BEG Munich, director planning
  • Transregio - on the way to start operations of the Mittelrheinbahn, Josef Berkner, Transregio Kaiserslautern, managing director
  • Experiences with creation of operation concepts for SPNV tenders, Stefan Provezza, iRFP Dresden
  • The development of the PROTOS in the mirror of the SPVN market, Jörn Heberling, Fahrzeugtechnik Dessau, construction
  • DB Regio in competition - Experiences from the usage of FBS, Karin Weber, DB Regio, creation of offers and production
  • Regionalization & competition procedures in the Czech Republic, Dr. Vít Janoš, iRFP Prag
  • FBS as a tool for a successful participation in SPNV tenders - tips & tricks, new functions & developments (energy consumption, News), Dirk Bräuer, iRFP Leipzig