Our references

Expert reports (selection)

You find additional and current references on our German pages.

  • Engineer study to the invitation to tender of passive body-tilting technique Munich-Oberstdorf/Lindau (Derivation of the speed profiles for passive body-tilting technique, run time comparison, operational concept), 02/2004
  • Operational concept of long-distance traffic in the Czech republic (time horizon 2005-2010), run time calculation, company concepts, introduction of interval timetable, train-km-compensation), 10/03-02/04, Prague iRFP
  • Ingolstadt operational concept 2007 (see below) and bordering lines (infrastructure, timetable variants, iteration step after passenger forecasting, circulation planning and definition of the vehicle number), 11/2003
  • Preliminary investigation to the operational concept Ingolstadt 2007 (infrastructure and run time comparison on the expansion route Munich-Ingolstadt and new building route Ingolstadt-Nuremberg), 07/2003
  • Variants for the timetable organisation Vogtland /East Thuringia/North Bavarians (short-term, medium-term and long-term measures), 05/2003
  • Timetable organisation as well as infrastructural possibilities and reserves in the Sonneberger net (partial variant/capacity variants, new halts, driving investigations and buffer time investigations, connection organisation on the route Sonneberg-Neuhaus am Rennweg), 04/2003
  • Comparative vehicle and driving time comparisons (ITINO Dm2D) for the lines in the area of the invitation to tender East net Brandenburg, 8/2002
  • Operational concept for the reopening of the lines of the Thuringian railway (Sonneberg-Ernstthal-Neuhaus am Rennweg und Sonnberg-Eisfeld), 10/2001-02/2002
  • Preliminary investigations to operational and technical realisation variants of a city surrounding railway Munich, 02/2002
  • Study for the capability of the route section Grimmenthal-Meiningen (comparison and recommendation of infrastructure measures, reinstalling of a block subdivision, reconstruction of a second line track) as well as investigation of the line section Neudietendorf-Ritschenhausen for the use of body-tilting technique trains (construction of the body-tilting technique infrastructure variants and preparation of operationally concepts), 02-08/2002
  • Operational concept for the takeover of the regional and IR-traffic through the DVB AG/CONNEX Regiobahn in the section Goerlitz-Cottbus, 01/2001
  • Run time study to the potential use of electrical vehicles with fuel cell in the relation Dresden-Koenigsbrueck, 10/2000
  • Run time study for the possible reconstruction of the BR 219 through replacement of the engines or use of the GS gears 30/5,8; 09/1998
Consultation and education
  • Customer education to the FBS software package and for the introduction to the timetable construction
  • Scheduling and infrastructure expansion (various SPNV task responsible as well as engineering offices)
  • Timetable construction ESF-training course and railway operation theory as well as invitations to tender in the SPNV
  • Railway operation manager training course of basics of the run time determination or power determination and the energy consumption as well as basics of the slot management (in the task of the DB AG, DB Bildung)