Programme support

If you have problems with the installation of with single functions of FBS, our support collective is available for our clients with a valid maintenance contract.You can find details to the contact opportunities (directly in the start window in the FBS programme, web, mail, phone, fax) in your maintenance contract or under the menu point help --> info in all FBS programmes. Maybe also our FAQs can help you with lots of useful tipps and tricks?


Test of the license plug

With pleasure we test your license plug. But we request you before making use of that service to read out and impart the license data.This can happen in the start window (FBS.exe; menupoints Installation and repair --> execute test of the license plug...). Please inform our support about the results of the intern license plug check with your request via mail. Many problems can be already located in this way.

Note to the central 0700-support phone number

With the help of the central 0700-support number (see also maintenacne contract of FBS information window) our staff members in Leipzig and Dresden as well as mobile phones are informed one after the other so far until an employee takes the call - so please wait up to 2 minutes hearing the dial tone. In this way you can also reach us in the evening or at the weekend.

The costs for the call of this phone number amount meanwhile our usual office hours 0,12€ per minute, else 0,06€ per minute (out of the net of ther German Telekom, prices of other network operators or from mobiles may vary).

Plug exchange

Maintenance and updates

Entry of FBS vehicle data


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