Plug exchange

Exchange of license plugs

In the case, that you want to exchange your license plug in use (also called dongle) into an USB (also micro-USB) or ExpressCard plug, please consider the following notes for the exchange:

1.Please adjust the exchange with our staff members via phone or mail.

The costs amount for clients with a valid maintenance contract for an

- exchange of a parallel port or (micro-)USB license plug into a new (micro-) USB license plug: 70,-€

- Special offer: exchange of a parallel port or (micro-)USB license plug into a ExpressCard license plug: 70,-€ (instead of 80,-€)

The prices are understood each plus 6€ shipping costs and value added tax; clients without a valid maintenance contract pay normally a surcharge of 45€.

2. In every case, please send the old license plug in a registered letter and in a padded envelope to our Dresden office. (License plugs in normal letters are often lost and not replaced by the German post.)

3. Within 5 working days you get your new USB license plug in a registered letter.

4. At the next opportunity our office will send you the invoice for the exchange.


The procedure of the exchange of defect license plugs remains unchanged, as well as the therefore due new purchase price percentage of 50€ (see AVRB, nr. 7.7.).Also we want tocall again attention to the regulations written in the AVRB to the protection of the license plug: the license plug is the license certificate for the programme and cannot be replaced in the case of loss.