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As a single planning device cannot cover all the requirements in documents for railroading and the numerous different local formats, we work in close cooperation with some companies in order to constantly extend the range of our services by widening in a relevant way the advantages of several programme systems.

Dresden University of Technology

The Dresden University of Technology trains engineers and scientists on all traffic fields within the sole university-integrated Traffic Faculty of Germany. Together with the Fraunhofer Institute for Traffic and Infrastructure Systems, the Friedrich List Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences forms a supra-regional competence centre on all traffic issues. FBS is a learning and research subject at the University of Dresden and it delivers data for the new Integrated Railway Laboratory.

A special collaboration on the economic-technical sector as in science connects iRFP with the Chair of Railway Signalling and Transport Safety Technology, espacially in following research projects für the German Rail:

  • Reduction of the at least necessary control signal visibility
  • Operational and technical effects of middle switches
  • Safety-related dimensioning protective distances and overlaps

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iRFP takes a determining part in the development of a uniform data exchange norm for railway specific data and is a founding member of the RailML-Initiative.




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OpenTrack Railway Technology GmbH, Zurich (Switzerland)

The OpenTrack Railway Technology GmbH developes and sales the railway simulation programme OpenTrack. iRFP collaborates with the colleagues from Zurich on the subject of the RailML®-Interfaces as well as on comparative studies of timetables through multiple simulation and Monte-Carlo-Simulation and also for graphic train run visualizations in rail networks.




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Fraunhofer-Institute for Transportation and Infrastructure Systems IVI

The Fraunhofer Institute for Transportation and Infrastructure Systems (IVI) is the technology-oriented research institute on passenger and freight traffic within the Fraunhofer company (FhG). After the founding of the new IVI in 1999, the research and development priorities of the FhG focused on railway and traffic information.

Within the framework of various projects, iRFP works in close cooperation with the Department of Transport Systems Engineering and the Driver Assistance and Operation Management in order to accompany projects of development of new traffic systems, to develop technical identification systems or simulation programmes, or to standardise the interfaces of the railway data-processing world.



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PTV Planung Transport Verkehr AG, Karlsruhe

The PTV AG, Karlsruhe and Dresden develops for calculating of supply and demand models (together with the programme VISEVA) and the depiction of customer flows the transport modelling system VISUM, which is leading in its line of business.

Basis for the creation of these models and stencils of demand are, among others, the operational concepts, created with FBS, which can be easily transferred through an interface.

Hence, manual copying of timetables belongs to the past. With the PTV programme INTERPLAN it is possible to plan services and service sequences, as well as staff disposition. FBS timetables can be used and processed electronically.


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