Maintenance and updates

FBSbahn is constantly developed and updated.

To avoid incompatibilities and to be able to help you with support cases, we provide these undocumented beta versions only for bug fixing within the scope of our support. Regular updates include new versions to supplement, improve and further develop the included functionality and operation as well as to eliminate errors of the FBS programs within the scope of the already realized overall concept. Updates are usually delivered annually, with a documentation and supplement of the FBS manual as well as ready for installation; a downward compatibility at least to the previous file version is guaranteed. You will receive these regular updates automatically on a USB stick, a separate order is not necessary.


Between these regular updates, interim versions with bug fixes and program enhancements are made available approx. every six months on a special update server (for technical information see below). Downloading and installing these updates is only possible via a function integrated in the FBS start window (Service & Troubleshooting > Check for updates) (no FTP access, no sending of the intermediate versions via e-mail or on a USB stick).Updates to the program system are a maintenance service of iRFP and are delivered exclusively to customers with a valid maintenance contract. The maintenance contract can be concluded up to two months after the purchase of the FBS license (see §9.5 of the AVRB). A purchase of FBS updates is not possible.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding new FBS functions, please do not hesitate to contact our Dresden office.

Please consider the following advice for the usage of the integrated update function

The FBS update function allows a calling up and installing of available updates independant from the current installed FBS version. The updates are released on a server by iRFP and are transmitted coded to the local computer. Conditions for the usage of that function are:

  • The computer has a functional connection to the internet.
  • The computer is linked with an FBS license plug and the license is authorized to the acquisition of new updates.

The update can be started and controlled through the FBS start window:

  • In a first step the local FBS installation is analyzed and the server is scanned for available updates. This procedure is initiated by pressing the button "search for updates". Included in the analysis of the FBS installation are the files of the FBS components, which are located in the installation path of that programme ("FBS.exe") and for which there is a usage authorization on the license plug.
  • As result in the upper part of the window there is an overview over the version of the installes FBS components and potential existing updates. With selecting of an entry in the list of programme components detailed information for the respective update can be acalled up. Automatically these programme components are marked (hook on the left side), for which there were found new versions on the server. This selection can be changed by he user. Gry marked entries indicate programme components, for which there are no newer version available.
  • The actual installation process is started by pressing the button "install updates". All programme components marked in the window above (hook left) were loaded down and installed afterwards. Thereby first backups with the file ending .bak are created for all files to be replaced. Then the new files are written in the installation path and the backup copies are shifted to the trash. If there occurs an error meanwhile the update process, the whole update is reversed, that means all selected components are restored to their old condition.
  • Optionally the backups of the files to be replaced can be stored after the update. In that case you have to emove the hook at "delate backups after installation".
  • In some cases the update of a programm component requests at the same time an actualization of further components. The programme points out the user on such a dependance and claims if necessary the labelling of the dependant component by the user.
  • An update can contain programme as well as data files. Meanwhile a programme file replaces the previous version as a rule completely, it can be useful with data files, to save the existing version before the update manually, so that you may synchronize the changes, which you made there manually after the update process with the new file (e.g. local adapted station directory). Which files are contained in an update can be found in the detailed description.
  • When calling up updates through FBS the iRFP server records, for which FBS license (number) at which date which FBS component was actualized.
  • Technical advice for network administrators: The FBS update function accesses with the HTTP-protocoll over the port 80 to the goal-url (only automatic access over FBS; IP-adress is determined by DNS-resolution). For a usage of the FBS update function the adress needs to be released if necessary in a firewall for the programme FBS.exe. Alternatively also a free definable proxy-adress with a configurable port (as a rule 8080) may be used.

Please consider the following advice about the update USB-stick

  • To install the update please start (if your operating system doesn't do that automatically) the file setup.exe on the USB-stick. When the setup program finds an already installed FBS version, it offers a deinstallation. Otherwise you also can trigger the deinstallation in the system control (see also advice in the FBS manual).
  • Please save at the beginning your own FBS timetable data (endings FPL, NTZ, BFO). If you changed or added special settings in the program (e.g. colours, holidays [files FBS.ini], train classes (*.znv-files) or own engines and wagons (files FBS.tfz and all *wgv), please save these files before. 
  • If you want to install FBS under Windows® 10 or 11, you need explicit administrator rights. Please consider, that Windows® 95/98/ME, Windows® NT 4, 2000 and Vista as well as Windows® 8/8.1 are not supported by FBS.
  • Please also note, that FBS files saved with the new version cannot be opened by old FBS versions, because additional functions changed the file format. We suggest in every case the change only beyond an ongoing project and consistent in the company (ald also if necessary at possible partners).
  • You can find information to the new functions and changes in FBS in a pdf-file on your USB-stick.
  • On the USB-stick there is also a preinstalled FBS version. When starting this version from the USB-stick it can get at error messages because of write-protect identification, FBS isn't intended to be started like this. Moreover you can use the preinstalled version to bypass the installation program or to actualize single files. Therefore copy the files on the hard disk and deactivate the oblicatory write-protect (select with the right mouse button "characteristics" of a file in the Explorer).
  • If you need for the usage of the new version an extension of the update authorization of your license plug (error message "Your FBS license can't use this program version"), please perform a license plug test in the FBS start window (FBS.exe; menu point installation and repair --> execute check of license plug...). Please copy the results of this check in an e-mail, which you send to our service. Our collective will help you as fast as possible with the extension of the update authorization of your license.