The programmes of the FBS family are also furthermore delivered without programmed standard help texts, just some special cases are explained in note windows. As far as our experience goes the help textes would loose their inportance after a certain instruction phase. Furthermore you find a short information in FBS for most of the buttons and symbols, when stop moving the mouse over the button or symbol for a moment.

For looking up, reading and learning a computer-independant document is still the best: Therefore you can download the

FBS manual

as a pdf-file (edition November 2015). To open it you need at least an the Acrobat Reader 6 (or newer) or an equal programme.

On this version the short documentations of the following programme versions are buildt: 


Additional marketing materials

When you want to obtain information about further FBS presentations or iRFP services, you can read our additional marketing materials:

Background kowledge to the railway system

As a very wide introduction in the operating technology of the railway we suggest the course book "Railway Operation and Control" from Prof. Jörn Pachl.