Our Company: Institute for traffic planning systems

Here we'd like to introduce to you our company - the Institute for Traffic Planning Systems iRFP. iRFP originated from a group of students from the Faculty of Transport and Sciences "Friedrich List" an the Dresden UNiversity of Technology. Since approximately 1993, this group of students has been workingon simulation of railway operations and timetable construction within the bounds of tehir student activity and scientific work. Since 1997, the Institute for Traffic Planning Systems iRFP, detached from the Dresden University of Technology, has been following this path and further developed the whole programme package for computer-aided construction of all timetable documents necessary for railroading.

Apart from the development and marketing of FBS, iRFP fills the role of the know-how transfer between university research and practical application. Thus, iRFP is at the interface betrween the traffic engineering sciences and the organisation and operation of modern traffic systems. Its core activity is the railway operation and its interconnection with other means of transport.

iRFP takes a determing part in the development of a uniform data exchange norm for railway sepecific data and is a founding mamber of the railML®-Initiative.


Service portfolio

Here you can get an overview of the scopes and capabilities of the far known and proved timetable software FBS.

Concepts and expert's reports

Next to development and cultivation of FBS together with additional applications we appoint also concepts and expert reports in the area of railway operation against the background of our long-term experience and extensive database.


Here you can find information about the history of iRFP.


To asses us and our previous work we compiled an overview of reference projects and customers.


As a single planning device cannot cover all the requirements in documents for railroading and the numerous different local formats, we work in close cooperation with some companies in order to constantly extend the range of our services by widening in a relevant way the advantages of several programme systems.